Whether it’s teaching, researching, practising or a mix of all three,

Academic pharmacists enjoy exciting careers in universities,

research institutes and other organisations throughout the world.

Academic pharmacists educate, train, assess

and develop pharmacy students, pre-registration

trainees, pharmacists and other healthcare

professionals. You will use and apply your

pharmacy knowledge and expertise to teach

the next generation of pharmacists through a

variety of teaching methods. Working alongside

the wider educational team, you will update

the degree programme and develop learning

material to reflect changes in education and

practice. Academics also offer general support

to students and are often viewed as role models

and mentors.

Teacher practitioners have a split role, spending

on average around 60% of their time working in

hospital, community or industrial pharmacy and

40% of the time as a lecturer.

Academic pharmacists are also thought of as

researchers, as the role usually involves conducting

some form of research, e.g. in a science based area

of practice, drug design or pharmacy services. You

will collect evidence, analyse it and use this data

to make improvements to medicines and patient’s

health. You will be thought of as an expert.

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