Education Expert Advisory Group - Pure Life

The Faculty and Education Board (FEB) provides a source of expertise to the Boards of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) on issues of education and training to the profession and the public

These issues include:

  • the pharmacy education agenda on the national and international stage
  • workforce support and development across all sectors of the profession
  • mechanisms for continued professional education for pharmacy
  • coherent professional responses to emergent policy across England, Scotland and Wales.

More specifically:

  1. Inform the RPS Boards (via the Professional Leadership Body Board) about educational issues relevant to the profession (usually in the form of thought leadership papers), horizon scan and provide specific advice on the development and implementation of policy about pharmacy education and training;
  2. Undertake pieces of work commissioned by the RPS Boards (via the Professional Leadership Body Board);
  3. Draw from the breadth of academic, clinical, industrial, community and regulatory settings; provide advice and consultation to Boards of the RPS (via the Professional Leadership Body Board) and inform standards, guidance and professional policy on emergent issues and consultations in pharmacy education to the pharmacy profession as a whole;
  4. Convene work groups from the group (and additional expertise brought in when necessary) to deliver key pieces of work around priority issues e.g. thought leadership papers, consultation responses;  
  5. Provide a wide range of perspectives and facilitate stakeholder engagement across sectors in Pharmacy Education; 
  6. Assist the RPS Boards to influence external stakeholders (in and outside of profession) on development of pharmacy education policy;
  7. Assist the RPS Boards to engage with external stakeholders within and outside the pharmacy profession nationally and internationally to ensure the  Advisory Group’s advice is well informed and as up to date as possible ensuring input from pharmaceutical scientists and practitioners.

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