If you have…

  1. not been on the previous RPSGB practising register and have never been on the GPhC register, or
  2. have been off the GPhC register for more than 12 months

but now wish to return to the register, you need to submit a portfolio of evidence of your current competence relating to the role you intend to return to, along with your return to registration application form.

The areas which need to be covered in your portfolio are laid out in the GPhC’s ‘Guidance on completing a return to registration application and providing a portfolio of evidence’.

In your portfolio, you need to include:

      •   your self assessment against GPhC Standards of Conduct, Ethics and Performance

      •   your personal statement which includes your qualifications, education and training, CPD and relevant experience and how these will support you in your intended role

      •   evidence materials (e.g. CPD entries, testimonials, certificates etc)

      •   a Personal Development Plan (PDP) – demonstrating what learning youwould need to undertake (after registration) to meet the gaps you  have identified 

      •   your CV since your last registration date.

If you are returning to practice within 12 months of your last registration date, you need to make an application to the GPhC for restoration to the register but do not need to submit a portfolio.

Since the RPSGB demerger on 27 September 2010, the non-practising pharmcist register ceased to exist and only those registered as (practising) pharmacists with the GPhC are are entitled to practice in Great Britain.

наш Return to Practise Checklist provides further information.

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