In April 2017 NHS LA brought together their three main functions under the umbrella name, NHS Resolution. They are in the process of replacing the current NHS LA and NCAS websites with a new user-orientated website going live on  in early 2018.

The NHSLA is a special health authority in England that handles clinical negligence claims made against NHS organisations and works to improve risk management practices in the NHS. It manages a range of insurance schemes which all NHS organisations and non-NHS providers of NHS care in England can apply to. Organisations are expected to comply with the risk management standards NHSLA Acute, Community, MH&LD and Non-NHS Providers of NHS Care Standards – 2013/14 set by NHS LA in order to participate. 

Previously the NHS LA produced 6 risk management standards in total, incorporating organisational, clinical, and health & safety risks for each type of NHS healthcare organisation. Organisations providing acute services, community services, or a mix of acute and community services, were assessed against Standards 1 to 5. Organisations providing mental health & learning disability services only, were assessed against Standards 1 to 4 and Standard 6. In September 2013 NHS LA decided that it would no longer update their standards and there would be no further assessments from March 2014. The standards continue to be available as archived documents on the NHS LA website however they will not be updated from 2014 onwards. NHS LA has agreed for organisations to continue to use them provided that they inform and ask them for permission

Hospitals in England may find the RPS professional standards for hospital pharmacy services can help to meet the NHS LA risk requirements.

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